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Home Remedies for Flu

Flu is a disease caused by a virus called influenza; It attacks our upper respiratory tract. It is an airborne disease, and frequent infections of flu are an indication of the low immune system.

Symptoms of influenza include cold, fever, fatigue, body aches and to an extend vomiting. Here are several home remedies for flu that involve taking herbs and or foods for preventive measures:

Taking Fluids

taking chicken soup for a coldFluids like chicken soup and natural juices are recommended for treatment of flu. Herbal teas and taking a lot of water help to reduce dehydration caused by flu as a result of diarrhea or vomiting. Making slices of ginger and boiling in water then bring the solution will stop the running nose and possibly throat inflammation.

Also, you can take a honey and lemon blend. Honey contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. A mixer of these in tea will ward off a sore throat and nausea. It is also an effective way to suppress coughs.

Cinnamon is also an effective antiviral. A mixture of honey and cinnamon makes a tasty tea makes an antibacterial and helps in suppressing colds and flu.

Keep Warm and Avoid Stuffy Rooms

Put on warm clothing covering the whole body. Cover the nose and forehead to reduce the running nose. Make proper ventilation in the home to allow air circulation. Sharing such rooms with people infected with the virus will spread the virus to the unaffected.


It is recommended to put specific amounts of garlic in our food to prevent flu and colds even before they attack. Garlic contains antimicrobial properties. Foods rich in vitamins c play an essential role in our bodies by boosting our immune system. ‘

Vitamin C and Zinc

vitamin c for a coldFruits like oranges, apples, limes and some vegetables contain vitamin c required to boost our immune. They are known to cure upper respiratory tract infections and are therefore recommended for daily consumption. Foods rich in zinc prevent the duration of cold and flu. Taking zinc lozenges to avoid development and maturity of the virus.

Warm Bathing and Salt Gaggles

Taking warm baths to reduce the development of cold and flu. Adding baking soda to the water minimize body aches. Gaggling throat with warm water and salt will assist in opening mucus accumulated on the throat and open the stuffy nose and ears.

It is advisable to do body exercise daily or weekly. Doing exercise will increase immune in our bodies and reduce chances of infection. These exercises, however, need to be done in moderation.…