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A healthy diet is simply a variety of foods that contain nutrients needed to maintain good health and energy. Some of these foods are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and of course water.

A healthy diet is essential for every individual. Quite a number of healthy foods may not be enjoyable to our mouth. Here are various reasons why we should eat healthy foods:

Boosting Immune System and Energy

fruits, vegetables and nutsProper diet makes our body healthy and free from diseases. Some of the health foods we take help to fight diseases which would otherwise attack our bodies. Healthy foods provide the body with energy to perform daily activities.

These foods are not easily digested and therefore release energy slowly and keep bodies with energy for long. Fast digestive foods produce energy fast and equally release it quickly making us weak.

Health and Life Span

What we eat has an overall impact on our bodies, for instance, fatty foods contribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases. Fruits and vitamins provide minerals and have antioxidants that protect against diseases like cancer.

Foods are rich in fiber help in digestion and lower cholesterol. Avoid foods with a lot of sugar as contributing to disease like high blood pressure and diabetes.

A healthy diet will prevent diseases which mean our bodies without disorders will stay long. For instance, it is believed that vegetarians live longer an indication that we should consume red meat in moderation.

Some nuts and berries contain vitamins essential for firm and smooth skin. Exercises also play a lot of parts combined with our balanced diet.

Good Appearance and Weight Loss

Intake of junk foods tends to give our bodies unpleasant shape due to a build-up of fats and calories. Taking healthy foods regularizes calories for weight loss.

Proper diet also makes the appearance of our skin to be smooth and good looking. The look of our hair is also associated with what we eat otherwise poor diet results to unhealthy hair.

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Saves Money

Eating junk foods results in lifestyle diseases which will require frequent visits to doctors and save money from buying expensive drugs. Eating healthy foods will provide the body with all essential vitamins and minerals, and therefore they will be no need spending large amounts of money to buy supplements unless advised by a doctor to do so.

Development of Brain

Some foods assist in the development of our brains. These are foods like fish contain omega three which make our brains to be active.

Moderate proteins, carbohydrates, and low fats give our proportional body supply of fatty acids and iron which is essential for our moods.